Structure change

POST /DocStructureChange

Payload sent when your documentation receives a deployment with a structure change.


  • X_BUMP_SIGNATURE_256 string Required

    The hash signature of the payload. Bump uses a HMAC hex digest (SHA256) to compute the signature of the body payload with the webhook secret. More info in help.


Information about last documentation structure change of your API history

  • api object Required
    • id string

      UUID of this API

    • name string

      Name of this API

    • Description of this API from the latest definition

    • slug string

      Slug of this API

    • url string

      public documentation URL

    • version string

      Version of this API taken from the latest definition

    • properties array[object]

      Extra properties attached to this API

      • type string

        Type of the extra property

        Values are x-access-level or x-definition-type.

      • data string

        Content of the extra property

    • Creation date of this API

    • Last udpate date of this API

  • diff object Required
    • id string

      Unique id of your diff

    • title string

      The title of the last parsed definition

    • The public URL of your diff

    • breaking boolean

      Identifies if the diff includes breaking changes

    • details array[object]

      Details of each change as a list of diff items

      • id string

        The identifier of the diff change

      • name string

        The human name of diff change

      • status string

        Values are added, modified, or removed.

      • type string

        The object type of the diff change

      • breaking boolean

        Identifies if the item is a breaking change

      • A list of children item changes

    • URL of previous version specification, in JSON format

    • URL of current version specification, in JSON format

POST DocStructureChange
Request example
# Headers
X_BUMP_SIGNATURE_256: a0b1c1d2e3f5a8b13c21d34e55f89a144b233c377d610e987f1597a2584b4181

# Payload
  "api": {
    "id": "42",
    "name": "Bump",
    "description": "The official Bump API documentation",
    "slug": "bump",
    "url": "",
    "version": "1.0",
    "created": "2019-05-05",
    "modified": "2022-04-07"
  "diff": {
    "id": "ef41eb26-5e7f-47b9-9854-fa170d46bbd2",
    "title": "Bump Api",
    "public_url": "",
    "breaking": false,
    "details": [
        "id": "post-DocStructureChange",
        "name": "POST DocStructureChange",
        "status": "added",
        "type": "webhook",
        "breaking": false,
        "children": []
    "previous_version_url": "",
    "current_version_url": ""