Fetch a full documentation version including diff summary

GET /versions/{version_id}

Fetch a full documentation version including diff summary.

Path parameters

  • version_id string Required

    UUID of an existing version from which to fetch a documentation change


  • 200 object


    • id string

      Unique id of your version.

    • doc_id string

      Unique id of your documentation.

    • The public URL of your documentation.

    • diff_details array[object]

      Details of each change as a list of diff items

      • id string

        The identifier of the diff change

      • name string

        The human name of diff change

      • status string

        Values are added, modified, or removed.

      • type string

        The object type of the diff change

      • breaking boolean

        Identifies if the item is a breaking change

      • A list of children item changes

    • The comparaison diff summary in markdown format

    • The comparaison diff summary

    • The public URL of your diff

    • Identifies if the diff includes breaking changes

  • 202

    Documentation version is still being processed. Please try again later

  • 400 object

    Bad request

    • message string

      Human readable error message for status 400.

  • 404

    Version not found

GET /versions/{version_id}
curl \
 -X GET https://bump.sh/api/v1/versions/{version_id} \
 -H "Authorization: Token $ACCESS_TOKEN"
Response example (200)
  "id": "2361df99-3467-4c80-a0cc-45c9fe565812",
  "doc_id": "3ef8f52f-9056-4113-840e-2f7183b90e06",
  "doc_public_url": "https://bump.sh/doc/my-own-documentation",
  "diff_details": [
      "id": "post-versions",
      "name": "POST /versions",
      "status": "added",
      "type": "endpoint",
      "breaking": false,
      "children": []
  "diff_markdown": "## Modified (1)\n\n* `POST /user`\n  * Path parameters added: `id`, `email`\n  * Query parameters added: `period`, `limit`\n",
  "diff_summary": "Updated: POST /versions\n  Response modified: 201\n    Body attribute added: doc_id\n",
  "diff_public_url": "https://bump.sh/doc/my-own-documentation/change/2361df99-3467-4c80-a0cc-45c9fe565812",
  "diff_breaking": false
Response example (400)
  "message": "You need to upgrade to a paid plan to perform this request. Please go to https://bump.sh/account/billing"